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Xiaomi MITU Drone Review: Smart Camera Drone Under $100 for Kids

With plenty drones on the market, it can be quite challenging to find a drone that brings a lot of awesome features and strong performance at reasonable price. We are here to help you narrow down your choices by taking a look at the latest Xiaomi MITU drone. This is a mini-sized quadcopter that is packed with a lot of cool features for all users. So, will this drone suit your flying needs? Stick with us to find out in our Xiaomi MITU drone review!

The Xiaomi MITU drone is an apparent competitor to the popular DJI Ryze Tello. This quadcopter is packed with nifty features from a built-in 720P HD camera that records at 30 frames per second to integrated sensors which detects objects and avoid them accordingly. The brand new MITU drone is sure to roll out a lot of fun things to do while down time or during your leisure time.

Xiaomi MITU Drone

This drone can be commanded using Wi-Fi signal on your mobile device and works with Bluetooth game controllers. The Xiaomi MITU drone has 4 built-in internal core processor that handles all features smoothly without any lag. Several other Xiaomi drones such as the MI 4K and FIMI X8 SE comes with altitude hold function for steady photography as well the ability to perform 360-degree aerial stunts.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi MITU drone includes a removable battery which is the orange disc as seen on the top of the drone. This battery provides 10 minutes of flight time which is the average time for a quadcopter at its size. Speaking of the size, the Xiaomi MITU drone is compact with a body dimension of 170 x 170 x 38 mm.

Reasons to Buy Xiaomi MITU Drone

There are several good reasons why you probably want to buy Xiaomi MITU drone. First of all, this is a mini-sized quadcopter that is ideal to use at social gatherings or hanging out with friends. The fact that it can easily provide entertainment that makes social experience much better. It is a great drone to have both indoors and outdoors. Especially when the Xiaomi MITU drone functions very well and is incredibly stable thanks to its sensor suite.

The controls are simple, yet intuitive enough for a complete beginner to use. Furthermore, the Xiaomi MITU drone is packed neatly in an organized box. Inside the box content, it comes with the drone, guards, battery, charging cable and propeller set. It also includes extra accessories like the replacement propellers for clockwise and counterclockwise motors.

Xiaomi MITU Drone In The Box Review

This drone is carefully crafted with highest detail level and sturdy enough that can withstand the impact. It has already been proven by the ability to survive 1-meter fall after hitting an object head-on without sustaining any damage. Furthermore, it is integrated with all safety features which performs well. The quality of camera is great, but it is slightly shaky which is common issue for toy-grade drones under $100.

Regardless, it is a great smart camera drone for beginners. So, ask yourself this question: is it worth buying the Xiaomi MITU drone for less than $100? Many beginners who wants to have a simple smart drone to capture beautiful aerial shots or to take selfies, this is the perfect drone. For hobbyists and professionals, we highly recommended that you check out these drones under $500 or see one of these professional-grade camera drones.

Tons of Features

We have grouped these features into three categories: Performance, Safety, and Extras. First, the performance features impact the overall flight quality and experience such as stability, responsiveness and ease of use. Secondly, the safety features acts to protect the drone from damage. Finally, the extra features that have no impact on the drone, but merely to enhance the user’s overall flight experience. Here is a brief overview:

Performance Features:

  • 6-axis Gyro – for stability even without other sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensor – for low-altitude hold
  • Barometer – for high-altitude hold
  • Optical Sensor – used for position hold and stability
  • 720p 30fps Camera – for photo and video
  • 4-core 1.2ghz processor – to run all of the systems smoothly
  • 4 Gb Internal Memory – for storing firmware, photos and videos
  • 920 mAh Li-Ion battery – prone to heat problems, max. 10 minute flight time
  • Sturdy Polycarbonate Frame – Can withstand large amounts of abuse before breaking.

Safety Features:

  • Low-Battery Warning – Will alert in case of low battery, can land if necessary
  • Overheat Warning – Will alert if the drone is overheating, can land if necessary
  • Crash Protection – Automatically cuts power to rotors in event of a crash to prevent damage
  • Blade Guards – Primarily for indoor use, helps prevent excess damage during collisions.


  • IR Diode and Receiver – for “Battle Mode”
  • Auto Take-off and Landing – takes the hassle out of flying a drone
  • Tilt-Control Mode – control by tilting device instead of using “joysticks”
  • Headless Mode – for beginners, to ease the flying experience
  • 360° Flip – can perform a flip in 4 different directions
  • FPV Video Streaming – See what the drone sees, right on-screen

Xiaomi MITU Drone Review

To kick start the Xiaomi MITU drone review, we are going to talk more about it in-depth. Majority of its performance feature are implemented to work with each other. Such as for example, the optics, barometer, and ultrasonic sensor work together with the gyroscope to help stabilize the drone. Which keeps the drone in a steady hovering positioning, even in light to moderate wind speed.

This systems runs exceptionally well and is quite predictable. However, there is one downside to this steadiness is that the speed is impacted. Which means the drone isn’t actually that fast at its size. But it is not that important because the camera isn’t up to the racing specifications either.

Xiaomi MITU Drone Camera Review

The quality of photos and videos taken by Xiaomi MITU drone isn’t that stellar. But it isn’t that worse either. It is decent for sharing with your close circle and on the social medias. Likewise, the camera is still good enough to capture crisp images with high resolution. Which basically makes this drone like a selfie on a flying stick compared to professional photography.

As I mention previously in the Xiaomi MITU drone review that this quadcopter is incredible tough. It is crafted of polycarbonate frame that can withstand beating. In our several flight attempts, we crashed the drone and noticed no visible damage. Everything appears to run as normal and the motors are well-situated. These rotors are marked in correspondence that makes it easy to tell what replacement blade to use.

Batteries & LED Lights

Recharging the battery takes approximately two hours with a USB charger. However, you can purchase a charging block that lets you charge both batteries at the same time. Before you charge these batteries, it is always a good idea to let them cool down first. It is done for good reasons to avoid potential damage. At least 15 minutes cooling off period should be sufficient.

Xiaomi MITU Drone Battery Review

We had a minor issue with the Xiaomi MITU drone that the battery overheats pretty quickly. It has no built-in flight systems to keep cooling the battery down. Because it is sandwiched right next to the control board, processor and sensor without any airflow to let the heat out. As of a result, the heat will reach critical point that can be quite damaging. Fortunately, this drone has onboard temperature monitor that will automatically land it safely.

Another minor issue is the lack of navigation lights. There are only two status indicator on the Xiaomi MITU drone which isn’t enough to make night flights possible. However, the nice part about this is that if you accidentally crash the drone. The safety features will take action and land the drone automatically to protect from further damage. In our limited experience, these safety features works exceptionally well which we give it a big thumb up.

Nifty Features

Aside the problems and safety, the extra features are well-implemented. The automatic takeoff and landing includes safety prompt that requires you to acknowledge before launching the drone. This is done on purpose to ensure that nobody will get hurt by mistake. Plus, the headless mode functions well and 360-degree flips makes amazing aerial stunts.

Xiaomi MITU Drone Features Review

The Tilt-Control mode is very entertaining, but a little bit annoying because you need to hold down the button on the screen in order for it to work. From our experience, this mode works better when headless mode is activated so to ensure there is no confusion.

And did I forget to mention that this drone comes with FPV mode? It is an awesome feature that lets you fly the drone and see through its “eyes”. You also can battle with other friendly remote pilots using “Battle Mode” that shows targeting system. We tried it and we loved it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involves burning wreckage falling from the skies.


If you are a beginner looking for a smart camera drone to start with. You will find out that the Xiaomi MITU drone has built-in 4GB internal storage. This makes all the storing photos and videos much easier to transfer on your social medias. Which comes across as a big plus since the quality of these files are better than what you see on the mobile devices.

Xiaomi MITU Drone Hackability Review

One thing we all will love to do is upgrading our things. In the Xiaomi MITU drone review, we took a look at what we call it “hackability” the ability to modify, add and upgrade the components on the drone. Although, it is sad that this drone is a closed-source that makes it hard to modify in any functional way. Since the electronics are contained within the single board with no expansion ports. Thus, only brand-name batteries can be used.

However, the only things that can be modified is the blades and guards. You can buy your own 3D printer (they are fairly cheap) and custom make your own that will fit on the drone. But, what sort of upgrades will they have impact on the Xiaomi MITU drone, we do not know the answer to that. Another way you can also craft custom shells that makes it easy to tell which players during the “Battle Mode”. It is simple, easy to use and doesn’t require any wiring.

Final Thoughts

Before I conclude the Xiaomi MITU drone review. I think this quadcopter comes across as a strong competitor for beginners who wants to be able to enjoy flying around their house. Moreover, the ability to capture stills and videos of their cats escaping the drone. This quadcopter is incredible stable and the features are super easy to use with the assist of prompts on-screen. Everything runs well aside the fact that it has a batter issue.

So, the question is are we going to recommend this drone? Of course, if you do not mind switching the batteries when they get overheat or to live in cold places. The Xiaomi MITU drone is a great and fun little bird that will make your day go by fast. Perfect for beginners looking for an inexpensive camera drone to start with. So why don’t you give the Xiaomi MITU drone a spin. Order one on GearBest today.

8.3 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Xiaomi MITU drone is a compact quadcopter loaded with a lot of amazing features that easily beats its competitors. It is simple to use and very fun to fly around along with great battery life. Thanks to its customize options and smart functions, it is one of the safest drone for beginners and kids. We highly recommend the Xiaomi MITU drone for beginners and kids who wants a smart quadcopter.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Steady flight
  • Decent camera
  • Functioning altitude-hold
  • “Battle Mode” for having fun with friends
  • High-quality construction
  • Very durable
  • Decent range
  • Works both indoor & outdoors
  • Handles light wind fairly well
  • Compact, nice for travel
  • Battery tends to overheat, causing the drone to land and shut down
  • Flight time is shorter than advertised due to overheating
  • Controls are meant for a phone, with the tablet it’s a bit awkward to use
  • Movement is a bit slow
  • Instructions are entirely in Chinese, with no translations available
  • Little to no modifications possible
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