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Vivitar DRC-888 Drone Review: Features Packed Drone Under $200

$179.00 $179.99
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Vivitar DRC-888 Drone Review: Features Packed Drone Under $200
Vivitar DRC-888 Drone Review: Features Packed Drone Under $200
$179.00 $179.99

The GPS drones are becoming incredible popular these days for a number of good reasons. They are easy to fly and packed with ton of features. If you have been vying to have your hands on a new GPS drone that will deliver you the best aerial experience. Then meet the Vivtar DRC-888 drone. This quadcopter exactly isn’t that well-known as Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia or Potensic D85. However, if you are looking for something unique and different from the rest of smart camera drones.

Stick with us because in this review, we are going to cover the basics about Vivtar DRC-888 drone. We assembled an in-depth review about Vivtar DRC-888 drone to provide information about this quadcopter. So that buyers like you can make an informed decision whether to buy it or not. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning and find out if this is the GPS drone you want to shop for.

Well Crafted for Sturdy Design

On the first glance, the Vivtar DRC-888 drone features an impressive jet black coating around its main body framework. It features four propellers that comes in two different colors: orange and black. On the top of it, the company logo is branded. One thing I liked the most about this quadcopter is how curved it is. Because of that, it fits the framework very well and looks completely professionally.

Vivtar DRC-888 Drone Review

The material that drone uses is made of high quality that is thick and provides impact resistance against collision. Underneath Vivtar DRC-888 drone, it has a mounted 1080P HD camera that is capable of delivering aerial shots directly to your personal mobile devices. In addition to that, it comes with landing pads. Which is especially useful for creating safe landing zones and to provide safe distance between the camera and ground.

At each end of the motor arms, it comes with built-in LED lights that provides visual assistance during the flight sessions. When it comes to weight, Vivtar DRC-888 drone only weights approximately two pounds. Which is lighter compared to the popular DJI Phantom 4 drone. Overall, the design of Vivtar DRC-888 drone is professionally designed for beginners and recreational remote pilots.

Flight Performance

The flight performance is a major factor in shopping for a drone. If you are looking for a quadcopter that is easy to fly and learn, especially beginners. You will not be disappointed with the drone’s performance. Since Vivtar 360 Sky Eye drone comes with built-in GPS module, it can maintain stabilized hover position. Thanks to GPS module, the drone communicates with satellites which in exchanges provides data for a smoother and precise flight controls.

Vivtar 360 Sky Eye Drone Review

The brushless motors also plays a big factor in the drone’s performance. Brushed motor drones like HS150 Bolt Bee and Eachine E511S usually have less flight time because the brushed motors generates friction. Which turns into heat that wears the drone out. Since Vivtar DRC-888 drone uses brushless motors, it is able to stay afloat for up to 20 minutes without the need to land and recharge after each flight session.

Furthermore, brushless motors improves the battery efficiency by delivering higher maximum flight speed. Beginners also will be able to fully enjoy the wide range that this drone has to offer. As a matter of fact, it has a maximum remote control distance up to 300 meters. Which puts Vivtar DRC-888 drone in line with other popular quadcopters such as HS165 GPS and Eachine E511. To summarize it, Vivtar DRC-888 is an exceptional quadcopter that delivers stellar flight performance.

Compact Remote Controller

Another thing that I liked the most about Vivtar DRC-888 drone is its compact remote controller. For some first time drone users, it might look bulky and uncomfortable to command the drone with it. But, I can assure you that the remote controller is lightweight and easy to use for beginners. Unlike former drone models such as HS170 Predator that had remote controller with several buttons. The remote controller that Vivtar DRC-888 SkyView drone uses is actually simplified.

Vivtar SkyView Drone Remote Controller Review

First of all, because this drone has built-in GPS module. Which means it eliminates the need of trimming buttons and other features that are made obsoleted by introduction of dual GPS / GLONASS system. The levers are used to command your drone’s movement which also includes being able to pilot vertically and to perform advanced aerial maneuvers. In addition to that, it has simple features that allows the drone to perform autonomous flight functions like takeoff / landing, smart return to home and such.

The core of remote controller focuses on safe flight navigation systems that makes it easy for beginners to fly Vivtar DRC-888 SkyView drone. If you want to be able to capture stills and videos in first person view mode. You can do so by mounting your smartphone onto the remote controller and connect to the drone. Once the link has been established, you can see the beauty of crispy clear details that Vivtar DRC-888 drone brings to the table.

Final Verdict of Vivtar SkyView 360 Drone Review

Before I wrap up the in-depth review about Vivtar SkyView 360 drone. I want to recap what we talked about this quadcopter. Whether you are looking to buy one of these best drones under $200 or checking them out to see what’s the next stepping stone. The Vivtar DRC-888 drone, while it isn’t a well-known drone, has managed to deliver stellar flight performance and exceptional experience for beginners and recreational remote pilots alike.

With a flight time of 20 minutes and maximum remote control distance up to 300 meters. The Vivtar DRC-888 drone is a strong competitor that will meet your expectations. Overall, I am not disappointed with the performance and quality that this drone brings to the table. Currently, you can purchase this drone on Amazon for $179.99 (sometimes it gets a special deal that reduce the price tag for a few dollars). Stay tuned for more updates about new drones.

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