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Syma X100 Review: Affordable Gesture Mode Drone Under $50

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Syma X100 Review: Affordable Gesture Mode Drone Under $50
Syma X100 Review: Affordable Gesture Mode Drone Under $50

Today we are going to talk about a brand new drone that comes with built-in cage for its propellers. Introducing the SYMA X100 drone. This quadcopter is the latest addition to SYMA’s evergrowing list of high-quality drones for beginners and recreational remote pilots. If you are on a drone hunt for a quality drone without spending too much money. Stick with us to find out why SYMA X100 drone could be your next pick.

We assembled an in-depth review about SYMA X100 drone to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. In this guide, we will be covering the basics such as design quality, flight performance, features, and remote controller. Keep it in your mind that this quadcopter uses sensors that reacts on motion controls. It doesn’t exactly functions the same as obstacle avoidance drones such as DJI Phantom 4 or Mavic Air.

Without further ado, we are going to dive into the details. Let’s find out why SYMA X100 is the best pick for beginners and kids.

Revealing The Package

To kickstart the review, we are going to talk about what is inside the box. We think this is the important part of the review. Because you get to know what to expect when you order the product. We included an image below to show you all of the accessories that comes with the drone and remote controller.

SYMA X100 Drone Review

One thing I liked the most about this package is that it comes with a bonus battery. Which means your drone’s total flight time is doubled up to 14 minutes. A single battery on average provides up to 7 minutes per flight time. Popular drones such as Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee and Eachine E58 does the same with bonus batteries which not only makes them affordable, but the best options for beginners and new drone pilots.

Package Content:

  • Syma X100
  • Remote Controller
  • Batteries
  • USB Charger
  • Propellers
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual

Design & Build Quality

On the first look, I am impressed with the drone’s overall design. Especially the fact that SYMA X100 drone is outfitted with built-in cage that protects the propellers. The material that is used to craft the drone is made of durable ABS plastic, a standard quality material found on most drones under $50 and drones under $100. Regardless, the cage propellers is a nice additional design that solidifies a step toward a durable quadcopter.

SYMA X100 Drone Design

The LED lights are built around the drone’s main body framework which provides visual assistance during daylight and nighttime. In addition to that, it features soft landing pads that ensures safe and sound landing after each flight session. But because SYMA X100 drone uses brushed motors, we recommend giving it at least 10 minutes to cool off before flying again. Although, if you want to be able to maximize your flight sessions and get the most out of it, brushless motor drones are best for these type of flight activities.

Flight Performance

SYMA X100 drone is one of the several quadcopters that features easy to control flight functions for beginners and recreational remote pilots. Thanks to simplified remote controller, you can focus more on its flight movement and less on maintaining hovering position. Due to the upgraded gyroscope, it automatically balance the drone and adjusts the air pressure level accordingly to ensure a smooth and ultimate flight experience for beginners.

Not just only that it is super easy to fly, the SYMA X100 drone is outfitted with obstacle avoidance sensors. While it is technically not that advanced as professional camera drones has. The sensors are good enough to detect objects and even motion that helps drone avert collision. Which plays an important role in the drone’s flight performance and especially safe flight systems. If you are new to flying drones, don’t worry because this quadcopter has two-speed mode that makes it easy enough to develop and hone your piloting skill.


Don’t underestimate the fact that SYMA X100 drone is a compact and portable quadcopter. At the size that this little bird comes in, it definitely has a lot of features. Perhaps way more than what you normally would see on the best drones under $200. The SYMA X100 drone is a fully functioning quadcopter that utilizes sensors for detecting objects. You also can command this drone using your hands, remote controller and even virtual controls.

SYMA X100 Quadcopter Review

As mentioned previously in the review section about flight performance, it has two speed mode that switches from slow to fast speed setting. In addition to that, SYMA X100 drone can perform 360-degree aerial tricks to impress your audience who is watching you fly this little chirper around. Overall, this is a quadcopter that is truly packed with features. Much more than what you normally will find on these toy-grade drones.

Final Verdict: SYMA X100 Drone Review

Before we wrap up SYMA X100 drone review, I want to recap what we talked about. If you are looking for an entry-level drone that is a strong performer and has good flight time. SYMA X100 drone comes with a bonus battery which basically doubles your total flight time up to 14 minutes. In addition to that, it has flexible speed mode that allows a smooth and gradual learning curve for beginners to master their flight controls.

SYMA X100 Drone Conclusion

However, the propeller cages is what makes SYMA X100 drone most appealing to the beginners. Because of that, beginners can rest at ease knowing that it is hard to break the drone apart. Not just only that, the drone is also incredible easy enough to command thanks to its simplified controls. At the price tag that SYMA X100 drone is going for, it is definitely a great value for beginners. Currently SYMA X100 drone can be bought here.

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