JJRC X6 Aircus: Affordable Phantom 4 Pro Clone Under $200

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JJRC X6 Aircus: Affordable Phantom 4 Pro Clone Under $200
JJRC X6 Aircus: Affordable Phantom 4 Pro Clone Under $200

After showcasing recent popular toy-grade camera drones that looks like Mavic Air, we are sharing a brand new quadcopter that resembles Phantom 4 drone. Introducing the JJRC X6 Aircus. This mid-sized bird features incredible powerful brushless motors, built-in dual GPS / GLONASS system and a 1080P HD camera mounted on a 2-axis gimbal stabilizer. Very much like its grand brother, the JJRC X6 Aircus comes with battery that has charging level indicator.

According to the manufacturer, the intelligent battery provides approximately 20 to 23 minutes of flight time. Which is quite impressive for an affordable Phantom 4 Pro clone under $200 along with popular competitors such as Potensic D85 and HS700 Ophelia. In addition to that, this camera drone uses real-time image transmission to display camera feed on your mobile device. Not to forget to mention that it has fail-safe RTH function that ensure safety of the drone if the battery is low or it is out of control range.

JJRC X6 Aircus Specifications:

JJRC X6 Aircus Specs

Aside from its fancy design, the JJRC X6 Aircus is quite a formidable entry-level smart camera drone for beginners. Its specifications brings a lot to the table that enriches beginner pilot’s flight experience to maximize enjoyment. If you are looking for the best drones under $200, you will understand why JJRC X6 Aircus is easily the winner in the category. Below is the specifications of JJRC X6 Aircus:

  • Integrated Dual GPS / GLONASS System.
  • 2-Axis Mechanical Gimbal with Remote Adjustment.
  • Full 1080P HD Camera for Aerial Filming.
  • 5-inch Self-Tightening Propellers.
  • Remote Control Distance up to 500 meters.
  • Maximum Flight Time Between 20 to 23 minutes.
  • Built-in Barometric Altitude Hold.
  • ABS Plastic with Thick Shell for Improved Durability and Impact Resistance.

JJRC X6 Aircus Features:

JJRC X6 Aircus Features

You would be impressed by the number of features that JJRC X6 Aircus has to offer. Keep it in your mind that this is an entry-level camera drone. It has built-in brushless motors that delivers a much smoother flight performance. In addition to that, it reduces the power consumption that results in longer flight time. Not just only that, the brushless motors are much more durable and last for longer time compared to the brushed motor drones like HS170 Predator and Eachine E58 for instance. Below are the features that JJRC X6 Aircus includes:

  • Brushless Motors for Powerful Aerial Performance.
  • Self-Stabilizing Gimbal That Ensures Smooth Aerial Footage.
  • GPS Module for Precise and Stable Flight Experience.
  • Intelligent Flight Battery.
  • Built-in Altitude Hold Function.
  • Follow Me Mode.
  • Waypoint Mode.
  • Smart Return to Home Function.
  • Automatic Takeoff / Landing.

Remote Controller

JJRC X6 Aircus Remote Controller

On the first glance, the remote controller that JJRC X6 Aircus comes with is professional and well crafted. It does looks a lot like Phantom 4 remote controller on some levels. But it has mount holder that you can easily insert your mobile device to view camera feed in real time. The remote controller also is very simple and straightforward that makes it easy to learn how to fly the drone. Movement levers are located in the front and modes are located in the rear. Photo and video buttons also are located in back of the transmitter.

Accessories and Package:

JJRC X6 Aircus Accessories and Package

The following accessories you should get upon opening the package:

  • JJRC X6 Aircus
  • Remote Controller
  • Mount Holder
  • A Set of Propellers
  • 7.4V 3000mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual

JJRC X6 Aircus can be purchased here for $199.99. If you are new to flying drones and want to learn more about quadcopters. Feel free to head over to our ultimate guides & tips page which contains a curated list of the best and informative articles covering the drones. Happy flying and fly smart!

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