EVO SS Gimbal Review: Best & Affordable Gimbal Mount For Cameras

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  • 3-Axis Precision: Eliminates unstable video and allows you to easily shoot pro-quality, cinematic like footage with your action camera
  • Easy Setup: The EVO SS is truly plug and play, ready to use right out of the box

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Description and Review

Are you looking for a high quality camera gimbal to enhance your footage experience? Look no further, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about EVO SS Gimbal mount for all of these popular action cameras such as GoPro, Yi, Osmo and Garmin. Whether you need a gimbal mount for your car, extreme sports and the like, quality is what matters the most and you want your audience to be able to fully enjoy smooth and fluid footage.

In the EVO SS Gimbal review, we are going to cover the basics such as features, design, and other important functions that it has to offer. Ultimately, you want a gimbal mount that focuses on keeping the footage smooth. But at the same time, you want it to be able to perform advanced functions like rotation and keeping the level steady. Without further ado, we are going to dive into the details to find out more information about this latest gadget.

Design Quality

On the first glance, the EVO SS Gimbal mount might look like a standard gimbal mount. However, it comes with a wide array of features and functions that makes it an impressive affordable gadget to use for any kind of action cameras. This gimbal mount lets you set inside your car thanks to its large flat surface. In addition to that, it features built-in 3-axis gimbal stabilization which helps keep the camera steady.

EVO SS Gimbal Mount

The 3-axis gimbal tool eliminates shakiness that allows you to shoot footage professional and cinematic-like. Furthermore, this device works with plenty of action cameras from several well-known brands such as YI, GoPro and Garmin. Which means you can easily transform a GoPro HERO 3 into a professional action camera thanks to integrated design features, namely the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. For a list of compatible action cameras, check out the list below:

Compatible Cameras:

Ports for Cables

On the left side of EVO SS Gimbal mount stabilizer, there is a small port which is used for charging the battery. It uses a modularized battery that delivers power more effectively and has a running time up to five hours. You can charge the gimbal mount battery via your laptop, a plug-in electric source or even from a power bank. This one of the main design feature that gives you flexibility and more options to decide how you want to run the footage content.

EVO SS Gimbal Mount Ports

Perks of EVO SS Gimbal Mount

There are a lot of perks in getting an EVO SS gimbal mount for your action cameras. Especially if you are interested in improving the quality of your footage to a professional-level. The EVO SS gimbal mount makes it very simple and easy to happen thanks to its advanced and smart functions. Check out the perks that it brings to the table below:

Adventure Ready

Take your hiking to a whole new level with EVO SS gimbal mount. Thanks to its built-in 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, it is ready more than ever to help you capture stunning and smooth footage. Its compact and portable size makes it easy for you to produce video anywhere you go. Versatility is its strong suit that captures a wide variety from wearable to mounted to handheld shots.

Integrated Camera Charging System

The EVO SS gimbal mount comes with built-in charging system that extends the action camera’s battery life time up to two times. You will not have to worry about running out of battery juice during the recording session. It even comes with charging cable that lets you record footage for extend periods. Which is a major advantage that minimizes downtime and maximize usage.

Handheld, Mounted, Wearable, Your Choices

This gadget comes with built-in threaded base that makes it easy to mount onto a tripod. It is the ultimate gadget that gives you the freedom to produce various shots. Not to forget to mention that it is incredible compact, lightweight and portable. Setting up is super easy even for beginners.

Stabilization Modes

There are three stabilization modes to choose from:

Pan Follow Mode: Both tilt and roll axis are locked in. Pan axis rotates smoothly with turn of wrist. Up and down can be controlled via joystick.

Lock Mode: Tilt, roll and pan axis are locked in. Use joystick to control both pan and tilt.

Full Follow Mode: Only roll axis is locked. Both pan and tilt axis follows smoothly. Use joystick to control the horizon angle.

Motion Timelapse

You also can create beautiful point to point timelapse motions using the EVO Remote App. Simply choose and set 6 motion points that range from 30 seconds to 4 hours of time-lapse capture. Once you set these motion points, allow EVO SS gimbal mount do the magic while you sit back and relax.

Remote Operation

EVO SS Gimbal mount achieves wireless connectivity by allowing you to control gimbal remotely using either app or wireless controller. It has a maximum remote control distance of 40 feet so that you can stand back and get great shots.


In conclusion, EVO SS Gimbal mount is a great gadget that incorporates advanced functions and features. It is very flexible and pretty much works with major action camera brands. One of the perk is its precise stabilization which eliminates shakiness and vibration to provide lighting smooth footage. While it comes with somewhat expensive price tag, its specifications are surprisingly good for high-quality action cameras.

EVO SS Gimbal Mount Stabilizer

If you are looking to transform your drones into action camera drones. You can tape the EVO SS gimbal mount onto them and attach one of these high-quality camera. Even though so, there are so many uses for this gadget that makes it one of the best option for multi-purpose uses. EVO SS Gimbal Mount can be bought here and mount adapter for GoPro HERO Sessions can be purchased here too.

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