Why DJI Mavic Mini Is Fake and Not Happening

A few weeks ago, there was a news circulating about possibility of a brand new DJI consumer drone called Mavic Mini. The news was first leaked on DroneDJ featuring DJI Mavic Mini that appears to be well… 3D printed. While DJI hasn’t released any major consumer drones this year aside the debut of Robomaster S1 Robot Tank and their latest action camera, Osmo Action Cam. Rumors are gearing up that DJI are expected to launch a slewed of brand new drones including Mavic Air 2, Spark 2, Inspire 3 and Phantom 5.

Although, the idea of DJI introducing Mavic Mini seems to be highly improbable because it will eliminates a lot of existing features. The camera is already too big enough to fit onto the drone. If the company wants to maintain 4K UHD quality with the same processing capability, they will need to relocate the camera forward, make it smaller, and build an entirely new data processing that will retain the same capabilities as DJI Mavic Air and Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom does.

But at the same time, DJI needs to be smart about marketing their drones. They can’t have DJI Mavic Mini competing with possibility of DJI Spark 2 drone. The idea of DJI Mavic Mini drone is to provide an alternative option for travelers who wants a compact quadcopter with 4K aerial footage capabilities. Considering the fact that its miniature size means it will have shorter flight time up to likely a maximum 20 minutes and limited remote control distance.

Because DJI is already making Spark and they are selling like hot pancakes among beginners and recreational remote pilots. Why should they design and create DJI Mavic Mini that will replace the Spark drone? Basically, everything that is rumored about DJI Mavic Mini seems to be unlikely. Afterall, it is just a 3D printed model just to woo some attention. I don’t think DJI is actually going to make Mavic Mini at all because that will effectively cripple the Spark family line.

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