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PowerEgg 4K Drone Review: A Smart Flying Egg Drone for Beginners

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PowerEgg 4K Drone Review: A Smart Flying Egg Drone for Beginners
PowerEgg 4K Drone Review: A Smart Flying Egg Drone for Beginners
$399.00 $499.00

Revolutionary technology is just right around the corner. PowerVision launched a brand new quadcopter called the PowerEgg. This drone is shaped like an actual egg featuring foldable motor arms and a powerful built-in camera that delivers 4K resolutions imaging quality. If you are looking for something different from the rest of standard quadcopters. The PowerVision PowerEgg drone could be a solution to your needs.

We assembled an in-depth review about PowerVision PowerEgg drone to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. In this guide, we will be going through the features, build quality, performance, and tidbits that comes with this drone. So stick with us if you are interested in learning the ins and outs about PowerVision PowerEgg drone. Let’s dive into the details to learn more about it!

Design & Build Quality

On the initial impression, the PowerVision PowerEgg drone appears to look exactly like an egg. Although, on the inside of its shell is an advanced quadcopter with foldable motor arms and built-in 4K UHD resolution setting. One thing I liked the most about this drone is that its body framework is completely unique. You will not see these type of drones anywhere on the consumer market. Furthermore, this quadcopter has 4K camera capabilities which easily beats DJI Spark and HS700 Ophelia in terms of design.

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone Review

When you hold the PowerVision PowerEgg drone, it is approximately the five times the size of an regular egg. As a matter of fact, it is bigger than your palm of hands. What a surprise for some of you thinking that this drone is small. The Power Vision PowerEgg drone comes with motor arms that has adjustable propeller arms. In addition to that, each arm have built-in LED lights that provides assistance for visual purposes.

Don’t worry about landing the drone because its bottom surface is flat. Which makes the whole flight much easier and simpler. In addition to that, it has removable battery. If you want to prolong the flight session, you can easily do so by replacing the battery. A single battery on average provides up to approximately 20 minutes of flight time. That’s because the battery capacity of PowerEgg drone is considerable smaller than large quadcopters such as DJI Mavic 2 drone for instance.

Flight Performance

After performing product research about PowerVision PowerEgg drone. I have located a great video that explains everything about this drone in its entirety. The flight performance for this drone is actually very good. In fact, it even surpasses the performance that DJI Spark offers at relatively the same price tag. Since the PowerVision PowerEgg drone features brushless motors which reduces battery consumption to deliver strong propulsion force.

Another major addition that contributes toward its flight performance is integration of GPS / GLONASS module. Since its uses the dual positioning systems, it is capable of delivering precise flight controls. Beginners will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of how easy it is to fly this drone. Not just only that, the camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that plays an important role in terms of performance.

The PowerEgg 4K drone features intelligent flight modes which simplifies the whole flight operations. For instance, the drone can perform Follow Me, Orbit Mode, and Custom waypoint modes. Most of its flight controls are done autonomously so you only need to focus on manual controlling the drone. The landing pads that are fixed on the drone assists with reducing the impact of landing. Overall, the flight performance that PowerEgg 4K drone delivers is exceptional and stellar for both beginners and professional drone pilots.

Incredible 4K Camera Capabilities

One thing that is often overlooked is its built-in 4K camera capabilities. For the readers who are thinking about getting this drone probably didn’t realized that this is actually a large quadcopter with an impressive 4K camera capabilities. As a matter of fact, the PowerVision PowerEgg drone can record videos at 4K up to 30 frames per second. Plus, it beautifully captures 12MP stills at 4K resolution. The image quality of this drone’s camera rivals popular quadcopters such as DJI Mavic Air and Autel Evo.

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone 4K Camera

It has a field of view at 95-degree which provides a relative flat perspective. As I mentioned previously that the camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Beginners like you will be able to fully enjoy the quality footage that this drone brings to table. Although, the imaging technology that PowerVision PowerEgg is behind some of the advanced technology used in the latest quadcopters. At the price tag that this smart foldable drone is going for, it still possess superior aerial imaging performance.

PowerVision PowerEgg 4K Drone Review: Wrapping It Up

The PowerEgg 4K drone is a feature-rich quadcopter with unique egg-shaped exterior that provides superior protection. Not just only that, it utilizes the latest technology that features a maximum remote control distance up to 3.1 miles and up to 20 minutes of flight time. Which allows users to interact with the drone and enjoy the features that it brings to the table. If you are a huge fan of FPV mode, you will not be disappointed with the quality that PowerEgg 4K drone delivers.

PowerVision PowerEgg 4K Drone Review

As a matter of fact, it is capable of streaming real-time HD video transmission. The imaging quality that this foldable drone delivers is unmistakable. If you are thinking of starting your own video career without spending premium price for a drone. The PowerVision PowerEgg 4K drone is a great alternative option compared to these high-end model drones. You can easily get a quality 4K drone like this without spending an extra $500 to $600.

Afterall, the PowerVision PowerEgg 4K drone is an affordable and budget-friendly quadcopter. It comes with everything you need to start flying: A remote controller, Base Station, intelligent battery, charger, mastero controller and of course stand to keep the drone in its place. Ultimately, the PowerEgg 4K is an affordable quadcopter that surely will give a lot of fun and special moments. PowerVision PowerEgg 4K drone can be bought here at Amazon.

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