New DJI Product Launching on May 15th: Possibly An Underwater Drone

Major drone industry DJI recently teased a new product launch on social media and e-mail. As shown on the image above, it seems to indicate that they are moving towards launching an underwater product. Could it be an underwater drone, perhaps Phantom 5 that is capable of transforming into underwater and back to aerial mode? Or is it something different that we aren’t expecting at all?

The image reveals the announced featuring a freediver with bold tagline, “Unleash your other side.

Only two things that would fits the tagline is the potential of an underwater drone product. We have noticed a growing market for underwater drones especially those divers who wants to explore marine life and to use for exploration purposes. Another possible product is an underwater action camera. But we do know for sure it is definitely not going to be Phantom 5, unfortunately. The bright side is that it might be an underwater drone, an exciting possibility for those who enjoys surfing, diving or frequently go into the waters.

Now, we don’t have to wait for that long to find out more information about it. Because Unleash Your Other Side is set to reveal the product on 9am EST, Wednesday May 15th.

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