Is Holy Stone Beating DJI In The Race to Become The Best Drone Manufacturer?

Recently Holy Stone has been making rapid move in shaping the drone market towards their favor, especially with the three latest introduction drones to the consumer tech: HS700D Ophelia, HS370 and now HS720. If you have been following closely, it appears that Holy Stone is gearing up their drones lineup for the upcoming Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019.

While DJI have to release a major consumer drone yet that is aimed at casual and recreational remote pilots. Holy Stone is effectively sweeping the market with their newest gadgets featuring built-in GPS module, additional intelligent flight modes and more features that makes flying much simpler for beginners who is vying to become an aerial photographer. It is a no wonder that they are making their drones simple as possible.

If DJI is the world-class leading drone industry that is renowned for their camera drones, specifically the Phantom 4 drone that is the flaghship product. Why are they not making any move to retain the consumer market. Perhaps they are spreading too thin by expanding beyond their focus on other sections like action cameras, educational kit and cameras? Their new Robomaster S1 Robot Tank and Osmo Action is definitely a great success for the company but a lot of fans are wondering when they are going to release a new drone.

We recently wrote an article about possibility of DJI working on three new models: DJI Inspire 3, DJI Mavic Air 2 and DJI Spark 2. While the rumors about these future drones’ specifications are widely speculative. It is possible that DJI is holding back on their consumer products at the moment due to integration of AirSense that will be rolling out in 2020.

But for now, Holy Stone is definitely beating DJI in the consumer tech market with its rapid releases of new models. It is possible that we will see Holy Stone becoming one of the largest drone manufacturer that is strong enough to break DJI’s iron grip on the market. In the future, it is possible that we will see Holy Stone releasing a much more advanced drone featuring 4K HD camera, better flight modes and additional features.

The only time DJI will start to compete is when they realize that they are losing the grip on the consumer market. The company have advantage over their competitors due to brand loyalty and that is what makes it tough to compete against them. So, it would be surprising if Holy Stone can manage to topple DJI’s grip on the consumer market. For now, Holy Stone is chugging alone with their latest flying gadgets. You can get their top three new drones below:

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