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Today, Holy Stone rolled out another brand new drone that is geared toward beginners just for under $100. Meet the Holy Stone HS110D. This mid-sized quadcopter is one of the latest and fast growing trend that is becoming popular among beginners, first time flyers and even experienced remote pilots such as myself.

Before we go into the details, I received this product for free in exchange for honest and transparent review. All the information you will find regarding Holy Stone HS110D review is real and has been tested several times for performance and quality assurance. As much as I enjoy flying the drones, Holy Stone is well known for producing quality quadcopters. In fact, I owned quite a few of their drones such as HS150 Bolt Bee and HS210 Night Elf.

Many of their drone products like HS700 Ophelia and HS170C Predator are quickly becoming popular. All thanks to established fanbase and the professional level of quality that they invested in ensuring that the customers are happy with their product. This drone that I am going to talk about is a recolored version of the Holy Stone HS110D drone. As much as I am excited to talk about the brand new Holy Stone HS110D drone. Let’s get started and find out more about this little white bird.

First Impression

On my initial impression, I was impressed with how professional the drone package is. From just looking at the front, the Holy Stone HS110D drone appears to look a little similar to the famed DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The package was professional and contained all the information. I especially liked how the box comes with features shown on the front.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Drone Box

On the back of the box, it comes with even more information like how the remote controller works and app that you need to download if you want to enable FPV mode on the Holy Stone HS110D drone. It also tells you what kind of battery this drone uses and the specifications of camera. From just looking at the box, the battery also appears to look similar to DJI Phantom 3 intelligent flight battery.

When I opened the box, I was surprised by the size of Holy Stone HS110D. Just as I thought it would look like one of the DJI drones in similar way, I really liked how small the HS110D is. It fits comfortable in my palm of hand. Not only I think the design appearance of this little white bird is badass looking, Holy Stone put quite an effort in assembling professional package. They even throw in a special thank you notebook for you to keep.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Drone Accessories

Accessories and Parts

Just so that you can get a better look of what accessories that Holy Stone HS110D drone comes with. I have them laid out for you to see what is included in the box. What I have is a drone, propeller guards, extra landing pads, remote controller, phone mount holder, charger and instruction manual.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Drone Parts

Since I tested the Holy Stone HS110D drone with a friend of mine who hasn’t flown a drone before. He read the instruction manual and was a bit confused with the instruction regarding landing and takeoff. In one of the page where it says that you can move the altitude using left lever but the diagram shows using the right lever.

I inspected the manual and found few errors. While it isn’t that bad, the manual is still easy to understand for beginners to learn how to fly a drone. Overall, my initial impression with the Holy Stone HS110D drone is quite great, regardless of instruction manual.

Design & Build Quality

In this part of the Holy Stone HS110D review, I will talk about the design and build quality. Like I said before that this little white bird looks like DJI Phantom 4 Pro. At this point, I am inclined to say that it does looks like a baby version of the Phantom drone.

It is very popular for well known drones to have a clone version at an affordable price, like the Eachine E58 and X12 Drone. However, the Holy Stone HS110D drone probably has to be one of the best DJI Phantom 4 Pro clone I have seen in a while. Read more to find out why I believe that this quadcopter is the best DJI Phantom 4 Pro clone.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Drone

I liked how the Holy Stone HS110D drone is designed. The material that this drone uses is made of durable ABS plastic which is better compared to the quality of material used on toy-grade drones. In fact, you would be surprised to see how durable the Holy Stone HS110D is.


My friend who has no experience flying a drone crashed at least four times. Three times into the porch fence and once into the tree where it fell to the ground around 25 feet down afterwards. I checked for damage and didn’t see any cracks. I was quite a bit impressed with how durable the drone is.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Quadcopter


As you can see that the camera is mounted underneath. The power button is located just next to the camera and of course the USB port for charging the battery. All you have to do is simply press the power button to activate the drone. Plus, the camera comes with a micro SD card slot that will save all videos and pictures on it. Design-wise, it is truly a nice feature to have.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Drone Battery


What you are seeing is a powerful 1000mAh LiPo battery. On average, you can fly for up to 10 minutes. Not to be confused with its amazing design style, you actually charge the battery directly on the drone, not the battery. I was a little bit confused why the battery didn’t have charging port until I quickly figured that the drone has its own charging port.

Since the Holy Stone HS110D drone only comes with one battery, I highly recommend that you buy extra batteries with charging cord to extend your flight sessions. If I were you, I would buy at least three to four more batteries. This will at least give you around 40 to 50 minutes of flight time while giving your batteries time to recharge.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Aerofly Drones Power

Finally, the Holy Stone HS110D drone comes with rather an interesting and colorful LED lights. Typically I would see red lights for back and green light for front like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and IN 1802 Drone. These LED lights is especially important for visual positioning assistance. Not only it helps you keep track of it, they also serves the role as low battery alarm and out of range warning.

Flight Performance Test

One of my favorite part about testing the drone is performance. In this section of Holy Stone HS110D drone review, I will talk about its flight performance. One of the many reason why I write drone reviews is to help potential shoppers like you avoid making buyer’s regret.

Both of my friends did few flight tests with me to see how well the drone performs. While I teach them how to fly using the controls, features and switching speed modes. When you are flying for the first time, you will have to adjust its stability using trimming buttons.

Holy Stone HS110D Aerofly Drones Quadcopter Review 1

The first couple flight test, my friend crashed the drone into the porch fences. I trimmed the controls and showed him how to fly the drone. After that, he was able to fly the drone with ease. The controls felt very responsive and flew around with absolute grace on highest speed settings.

Responsive, Smooth and Impressive Performance

Along with that, the Holy Stone HS110D drone is capable of performing 360 degree flips easily. But like most drones under $100, the effectiveness of 360-degree flips gets weaker the lower battery is. This is completely normal for all drones that have this feature.

Holy Stone HS110D Aerofly Drones Quadcopter Review 2

To start flying the drone is very simple. All you have to do is link the drone to remote controller. Once the LED lights shows solid blue and white colors. Then you press start engine to takeoff. The process for landing is the same as you have to press land button to land the drone.

Lastly, the drone comes with a gradual speed levels that allows beginners learn how to fly a drone. On default, it will be on the lowest speed setting. Beginners can take advantage of its gradual speed mode to master their piloting skills. Overall, the Holy Stone HS110D is certainly a quality training drone that boasts stability and ease of controls.

Remote Controller

First of all, I am impressed with the quality of remote controller that HS110D drone uses. It comes with its own mini LCD that indicates the status, speed level, activated features and more. I found these kind of built-in LCD to be particular useful to keep track of features as well speed levels.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Transmitter

Unlike most toy-grade drones under $50 and under $100. The Holy Stone HS110D drone probably has one of the most colorful style. While it is slightly bulky just like the HS150 Bolt Bee, the remote controller is quite easy to understand.

Because it doesn’t comes with inscription on the buttons. You will have to study the functions of the buttons to learn what they do. The levers are basically self-explanatory. But on the right section is the trimming buttons. If the drone is flying unsteadily, you use these trimming buttons to adjusts its axis for stability.

Holy Stone HS110D Review Remote Controller

On the left section is the headless mode and roll function. As you might be wondering what is headless mode. This is a beginner-friendly feature that switches the orientation of controls from the drone to remote controller. Instead of flying in the direction that the drone faces at. You control the drone based on the movement of the lever you are pushing at. For instance if you push the lever to the left, it will fly left regardless of its face position.

This is an extremely useful feature that allows beginners learn how to fly a drone. On the shoulders is the buttons for pictures and videos. Furthermore, you can mount your phone using the mount holder to turn into a FPV remote controller. Although, it has a limited control distance up to 50 meters.

Final Verdict of Holy Stone HS110D Review

Before I wrap up the Holy Stone HS110D review, there are quite a few things to be said about this little white bird. Based on my friend and my flight tests, I think the Holy Stone HS110D drone is truly an amazing quadcopter for beginners. It is easy to control and learn that doesn’t takes up too much time.

The size of controller might be a little too bulky for those who are looking for cheap beginner drones to start with. But do not underestimate the quality that Holy Stone HS110D drone brings to the table. Its performance and features is beyond excellent. With few tweaks and adjustments, you will be flying this drone like a boss.

Even my friend who hasn’t flown drone frequently did enjoyed flying this quadcopter. Like I mentioned previously about the quality of its durability, it is definitely a great drone. We crashed the drone few times into the fences and into the tree that didn’t even cause any crack to its body hull. At its price range, I would recommend Holy Stone HS110D drone for beginners. You can check its price here.

8.2 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Holy Stone HS110D drone is a professional crafted quadcopter built and designed for beginners. Using ABS plastic that provides great durability and high quality design that gives an appearance of being the DJI Phantom 4 Pro little brother. It boasts great stability, smooth controls and cool features at an affordable price range that will makes it easily one of beginner's favorite choice.

Flight Time
  • Easy to Learn
  • Simple
  • Good Stability
  • Professional Appearance
  • Stylish
  • Built-in Camera
  • Modularized Battery
  • Great Performance
  • Limited FPV Distance
  • Limited Control Distance
  • Battery Time is Average
  • No GPS Mode
  • Camera Quality is Average
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