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HASAKEE Q8 Review: An Affordable Camera Drone for Beginners

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HASAKEE Q8 Review: An Affordable Camera Drone for Beginners
HASAKEE Q8 Review: An Affordable Camera Drone for Beginners
$39.99 $69.99

Hasakee, a German drone manufacturer recently released a brand new drone for beginners and kids. If you are looking for an affordable camera drone that is fun to fly and doesn’t cost too much money. Introducing the Hasakee Q8, one of the best and most sturdy quadcopter for beginners. This drone was introduced as an affordable alternative option that focuses on longevity while offering beginners jock-full of fun and engaging flight features.

Compared to popular quadcopters such as Eachine E511S and HS700D Ophelia, the Hasakee took a much more subtle approach that is designed with protective framework while maximizing flight performance. Which they managed to succeed in doing so with the Q8 camera drone. After doing a product research about this quadcopter, we decided to write an in-depth review covering the Hasakee Q8 drone in details.

In this review, you will learn ins and outs about this quadcopter. At the end of article, you will be able to make an informed decision. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning and find out why you should get your hands on this new popular camera drone.

Build and Design Quality

In this part of Hasakee Q8 camera drone review, we are going to learn more about its build and design quality. First of all, I am impressed with the drone’s overall design. It is compact, portable, and small enough that comfortable fits your palm of hand. One of the design feature that I noticed is that it uses three-pronged propeller blades compared to the standard two-pronged blades. This is especially an important design feature that helps improves the overall flight performance.

Hasakee Q8 Camera Drone Review

In addition to that, the drone is outfitted with protective frame that helps keep it secure from impact. It also improves the drone’s overall durability that makes it quite a sturdy and resilient quadcopter. A great choice for beginners who has never flown a drone before. In the front, it comes with a built-in 720P HD camera that delivers stills and videos directly to your mobile device. The remote controller comes with a built-in mount holder that lets you hold a smartphone with ease.

Aside from it, the color choice of Hasakee Q8 drone is interesting combination. It resembles a similar appearance to the deeply popular HS150 Bolt Bee. Inside the package, you should get a drone, remote controller, a battery, user manual, a screwdriver, a USB charger, and a set of propellers. Since this quadcopter is Ready-to-Fly (RTF) which means you can start flying it right out of the box. Although, we highly recommend charging the battery first to obtain optimal and best flight experience.

Flight Performance

One of the most important factor when it comes to buying the right drone is obviously its flight performance. However, we think beginners and recreational remote pilots certainly will not be disappointed with Hasakee Q8 drone’s flight performance. As a matter of fact, it comes with modularized flight battery. Which is packed with highly effective power that delivers up to 9 minutes of flight time. In addition to that, the drone can be operated up to 100 meters away. Which gives you plenty of flying space for a drone at its price range.

Hasakee Q8 Drone

Due to Hasakee Q8 drone’s unique design approach, it is packed with enough propulsion force that makes it easy to fly outside. However, we recommend flying it outdoor when the weather condition is good. Not too windy as the drone will not be able to handle it. Along with its relatively good flight performance, it comes with a number of features that makes the whole flight experience much simpler for beginners who have never flown one before.

That being said, you can perform automatic takeoff / landing with this drone. In addition to that, the drone can perform altitude hold and headless mode. For some of you who are wondering what the heck is headless mode. Basically, this mode switches the remote control orientation from drone to remote controller. Instead of flying in the direction that drone is facing at, you pilot it by moving in the direction you are pushing the levers at.

Final Verdict of Hasakee Q8 Drone Review

As we conclude the review of Hasakee Q8 drone, we personally think it is a good quadcopter for beginners. Obviously, it doesn’t comes with a lot of advanced features that you typically would find on the best drones under $500 such as DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. But at the price tag that Hasakee Q8 drone is going for, it is definitely a good starter choice. It makes a great pick that will teach you how to fly it as well capturing aerial shots.

Hasakee Q8 Drone Features

In addition to that, it boasts a relative good flight time combined with reasonable remote control distance. Furthermore, I want to emphasize that this is a drone designed for beginners and recreational remote pilots. Because it comes with built-in propeller guard that protections the drone and its propellers from impact. It is definitely built to last for a long time. Not to forget to mention that the propeller guard is embedded with LED lights that makes it very enjoyable to fly during night time as well.

Out of all the best drones under $100, I think this quadcopter is shaping up quite nicely. It has been out for around a while so far and already have been bought by several customers. While it is certainly not that well known or popular as other brands, the Hasakee Q8 drone is turning out to be a strong competitor thanks to is unique and modern design. You can get your hands on this drone via here. We hope you find our in-depth review about Hasakee Q8 drone helpful and insightful.

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