FuriBee H818 Review: Stylish Camera Drone For Under $60

Not every drones comes with stylish design. The FuriBee H818 foldable drone comes with rather an interesting twist of color and design style that sets it different apart its competitors. In our FuriBee H818 review, I will talk about its build and design quality, performance and features that it has to offer in the store for you. The purpose of this review is to help you make an informed decision whether this drone is the perfect match for you or not. If you are looking for a drone to spice up your style, sit tight because I am going to explain about its key features. Read below to find out more information.

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Design and Build Quality

I especially liked how stylish and fashionable the FuriBee H818 drone is. Coated in sleek orange all around its body frame. Painted with black and white streaks that shows where the power button is. On top of that, the company brands the drone with their logo. Underneath the drone is where the modularized battery is located at. A single battery on average provides a flight time of 8 minutes.

As you can see that it features foldable motor arms which is nice. This function allows you to fold the drone into its compact size. Thus, making it easy to carry around anywhere you want to go. When it is folded, it looks like a smartphone in plain sight. Perfect choice for those who wants to hide their drone inconspicuously. The FuriBee H818 drone is crafted with durable ABS plastic which provides additional protection layers for longer service use.

FuriBee H818 Drone Review Design and Build Quality

The FuriBee H818 drone features a 720p HD camera located in front that provides an aerial view for the pilots. Additionally, it has built-in LED lights that assists with visual positioning. It is a must-have feature for locating the drone. Especially when it comes to flying the drone during night time. These LED lights adds nice fancy touch-ups to its overall stylish design. In this section, I give the FuriBee H818 a big thumb up.

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Performance-wise, the FuriBee H818 drone is packed with ton of beginner-friendly features that enhances its overall performance. First, the H818 foldable drone comes with three speed mode that provides a gradual and smooth learning curve for beginners. On default, the drone will be at lowest speed setting so that beginners and first time flyers will have the chance to learn how to fly. As they master their piloting skill, they can challenge themselves and expand their skills.

Along with the speed mode, beginners will have the access to one-key features that simplifies the whole flight operation. Key features such as automatic take-off and landing. One of my favorite feature is the headless mode which basically switches the control orientation from the drone to your remote controller. This feature allows you to pilot the drone based on the direction you are pushing the movement lever at.

When it comes to flying the drone, H818 foldable quadcopter does with absolute grace. It responses to the controls incredible well and flies steadily that makes it very easy for beginners to learn. Plus, its added weight and speed mode lets you fly the drone in light to moderate wind without any issue. I truly think it is a perfect drone for those who enjoys piloting indoor and outdoor. Be sure to check out the FuriBee H818 review in action below.

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Remote Controller

The FuriBee took an innovative approach by introducing gravity-sensor based remote controller. This gives you at least three different ways to control the H818 drone. First, you can command the drone via using the remote controller’s gravity-sensor function. Tilt it to the left and the drone will fly to left and vice versa. This function is the easiest way for beginners to learn how to fly. But if you have experience with gaming, you might find yourself much more comfortable using the standard mode.

FuriBee H818 Drone Remote ControllerThird, you can also control the H818 foldable drone using your smartphone virtual sticks. However, I don’t recommend it unless you want to do that. The smartphone is mostly there for letting you see the video in real time to capture pictures and videos. It can be quite nice to pilot the drone with one hand and see the video on the other hand. But, I will be the first one to say that the remote controller compact size makes it very easy to reach all buttons.

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Final Verdict

Before I conclude the FuriBee H818 review, I have few things to share about this wonderful foldable drone. Throughout my research and sifting through the reviews, I have concluded that the FuriBee H818 drone is an exceptional crafted quadcopter made for beginners and kids. It features stylish design so that you don’t go out of style. Plus, its durable material provides resilience against crashes and especially wind resistance.

Its camera quality isn’t the best, though. But it is what you get at its value and that is absolutely a fair price tag. If you do prefer better drones with camera, read my guide on the top best camera drones right now. I also would recommend you to read my 8 tips on how to master your aerial photography. Overall, I think the FuriBee H818 is a great pick for training drone. Be sure to check it out.

7.6 Total Score
Editor's Review

The FuriBee H818 foldable drone is an exceptional, professional crafted quadcopter built for durable and outdoor flight missions. It comes with several built-in features such as automatic takeoff, landing, altitude hold and headless mode. We think the design gives it a strikingly nice appearance that is bounded to grab attention when you fly around.

Flight Time
  • Stylish
  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Stable
  • Easy to Fly
  • Gravity-Sensor Remote Controller
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Limited Control Distance
  • Average Quality Camera
  • Battery Life is Short
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