DroneGuard BP 250 Review: Specialized Travel Backpack for Mavic Pro

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This week, we are doing a review on DroneGuard BP 250 (See Price). If you have been looking for the best travel back that fits your Mavic Pro drone and its accessories. You definitely want to check out the DroneGuard BP 250 backpack. It is one of the most popular travel solution for all of your drone needs. Beginners and professional remote pilots loves the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack. In case you are wondering why, read more to find out about it.

In the DroneGuard BP 250 review, we are going to talk about the details like compartmental, storage capacity, design and such. While I never owned this backpack before, I researched the product and sifted through reviews to find the best information about the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack. The purpose of our DroneGuard BP 250 review is to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. In this case, I think you won’t be disappointed with this amazing travel backpack.

Before I start talking about the DroneGuard BP 250 review, I want to emphasize the importance of having a travel case for your drones. There are plenty of travel cases for your Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Mavic Air. All of them are custom-made specifically to tailor your needs and preference. Not only they are flexible, having a travel case protects your drones and keeps all of important accessories in one spot. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

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Design Quality

On first impression, the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack blows me away. It is made with durable quality material that provides layer of protection against external. On the inside, there are soft white foam that keeps the drone and its accessories in the place. I really liked how neatly designed this travel backpack is. Not only it is stylish and lightweight, the compartmental is flexible which provides you plenty of options to customize your own drone setup.

DroneGuard BP 250 Review

Originally, you can store up to four extra batteries including the drone. But if there are certain accessories that you don’t need. Then, you can choose to replace them for additional batteries up to a maximum of 6 extra batteries. Which will give you approximately three hours of flight time. You can order extra Mavic Pro intelligent batteries if you need to extend your flight sessions. So far, on the first impression, I am really loving the style of DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack.


Did I mentioned that this travel backpack is portable? As strange as it does sound, the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack is pretty much portable. It doesn’t takes up too much space and is super lightweight. You can easily bring this backpack with you anywhere you go on your shoulders without getting tired. Plus, you can store it on the passenger cabin without any issues. If you aren’t exactly sure how to proceed bringing your drone with you on the airplanes, read my informative guide.


Design-wise, the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack is clearly made to be customization as much as possible. Like I said as before, you can choose what you want to put into the travel backpack based on what you need. It is nice because not only it makes packing much easier, you will have the flexibility to customize your own preferred storage. Not to forget to mention that it comes with additional storage for your 15″ laptops and 10″ tablet. If you want to know what is the best tablets or smartphones that works with Mavic Pro, check out my master guide list.

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Ease of Traveling

The travel backpack itself only weight around 3 lbs. With Mavic Pro drone and its accessories and you will be carrying approximately a total weight of 6 to 7 lbs on your back. I don’t think it is that bad at all because the back is naturally strong enough to carry the weight. So even with the amount of weight combined with the drone and accessories, it will feel like only a few books stored inside the backpack.

DroneGuard BP 250 Best Travel Backpack Review

The dual shoulder straps makes it very easy enough for you to travel around the world. Since it will comfortable attach onto your back and transfer majority of its weight onto your body. You won’t feel any difference at all. Plus, the DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack is compact enough to fit all traveling purposes like airplanes, boating and road trips. Due to its lightweight design and durable material quality, you will not feel fatigue at all.

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Features and Miscellaneous

There are few things that you should know about this travel backpack. In the next part of DroneGuard BP 250 review, I am going to talk about its features and miscellaneous. If you are that type of person who enjoys to be on the move. Perhaps you want to become a digital nomad and want to be able to work remotely. You are going to need a travel backpack that can let you bring your favorite laptop up to 15 inches. Also a storage for your personal smartphone.

DroneGuard BP 250 Laptop and Smartphones Review

Personally, I recommend you to buy either iPhone 7 Plus or better as it is currently the best choice for your Mavic Pro. As for laptop, you are going to need a good one that runs fast. Especially if you are going to use Photoshop, Lightroom and Pro Premier to produce masterpiece stills and videos. For starters, I recommend the HP Pavilion 14″ laptop as your first choice specifically for working with the drones. Either way, this is a nice additional features that lets you bring all your favorite gadgets in one spot.

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Bottom Line

The DroneGuard BP 250 is definitely one of the best travel backpack for beginners to professional drone pilots. Not only it is incredible portable and compact, but it is safe enough to keep your vaulable gadgets in check. If you plan to go mobile, you need to be able to do so in case to fly somewhere else with ease. Sure, there are many other travel cases but none of them achieve the same solution that DroneGuard BP 250 travel backpack has to offer.

A backpack that is lightweight enough with the ability to bring your laptop, smartphone and most importantly, your Mavic Pro drone. This is the ultimate solution that will exceed all your expectations in every way. Needless to say this again, the DroneGuard BP 250 is highly customization and will allow you to adjust the storage capacity to suit based on what you need. We think the DroneGuard BP 250 is one of the best out of all and can’t recommend it enough. You can check out its price here.

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Editor's Review

We can't recommend the DroneGuard BP 250 enough. This is one of the best, best travel backpack professional crafted for your Mavic Pro drone and all of its accessories. It is highly customization that gives a great flexibility for beginners to professional remote pilots to choose how they want to store in the travel backpack. Not only it is flexible, it has unique storage for laptop and smartphone. Ultimately, this is the perfect solution to all of your traveling needs and provides one spot for gadgets.

Ease of Use
  • Perfect solution all-in-one for your Mavic Pro, laptop and smartphones.
  • Lightweight that makes traveling much easier, fun and less tiring.
  • Crafted with high-grade durable material that provides protection.
  • Highly customization that gives a great flexibility for you to choose how you want to store.
  • Can easily store up to 6 extra batteries, even a DJI goggles too!
  • No hard case, although there are protection layer that acts as shock absorber.
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