DJI Releases New Product Launch Teaser “Learn to Win” Video

Last night, DJI the world-class leading drone manufacturer released another mystery video teaser. The video is called: DJI — Learn to Win — June 11, 2019. The description provided in the video doesn’t say that much about the new product. Although, the product in the video appears to be some kind of new hardware with a brand new DJI camera visible in several frames. But, it is hard to make out of it as a new drone. I sincerely wish it can be a drone, but it might be something new. Assuming that the product launches on June 11, 2019, it might be something different than what we think it is going to be.

DJI Mystery Video Announcement

As I mentioned previously in the introduction, the video doesn’t provide a lot of information about the product. But what sticks out the most is the title “Learn to Win” and in the video description, they said that if you are ready to win, be prepared to learn. Great, so what can we win and how do we win. What do we need to do to learn how to win? Are we talking about flying skills or something else here?

DJI Learn to Win Teaser

Of course, a brand new racing drone would be sick but it is tough to see if the product is a drone or not in the video. The hardware does seem to be much more plausible as it has to do with the camera more than a drone. Possibly DJI is launching another non-related drone like they did with Osmo Action.

For now, we aren’t sure what kind of product DJI is up to. We do know for certain that they are launching a brand new product on June 11, 2019. So, we will be learning what their latest product is all about on the date. Let us know what you think of the DJI teaser video in the comments below. Do you think it is a new racing drone or it could be something different?

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