Contixo F22 Drone Review: Portable and Smart Drone Under $200

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As the drones are evolving, they are getting smarter, smaller and portable. That’s a good thing for all of us, especially beginners and travelers who wants to have a smart foldable drone that can do all of these intelligent flight modes. This week, we are doing Contixo F22 drone review to help drone shoppers like you make an informed decision. Through researching the product and sifting the reviews, I have assembled an in-depth guide for you.

In our Contixo F22 drone review, I will be talking about design, performance, features, and remote controller. While Contixo is entirely new to the drones market, they have made great advancement by showing their superior quality drones. If you are still reading this, then you are definitely interested in having a smart selfie drone. Read more to find out what the Contixo F22 drone has to offer for beginners and first time flyers like you.

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Design Quality

The Contixo F22 foldable drone comes in jet black coating all around its body and framework. However, unlike most foldable drones, the Contixo F22 drone is actually a boxed quadcopter. It has a folded dimension of 145 * 100 * 65 millimeters which is around one and half size of your palm hand. When unfolded, it has a body dimension of 300 * 290 * 65 millimeters. There is one thing I really liked about the Contixo F22 GPS drone is the quality of its material. Most of drones you usually will see within its price range and under are crafted with durable ABS plastic.

Contixo F22 GPS Drone Design and Build Quality

But Contixo takes one step further with the drone. It encompasses quality alloy metal and durable polycarbonate framework that makes it tough. Additionally, its propellers uses aerofoil technology that focuses on portability and compactness. Which makes it an easy choice for travelers who wants to have a durable smart drone. The LED lights are located on each end of motor arms that makes it easy to spot during the daylight and nighttime.

On the product page, the company claimed that the battery can run for up to 15 minutes. But realistically, you will be able to fly for up to between 13 and 14 minutes. Which isn’t that far off, to be honest. Not to forget to mention that this drone comes with a bonus battery. This means you will be able to fly the drone for up to between 26 to 28 minutes. I think it is actually a real steal at its price value, something that beginners and travelers shouldn’t pass on the amazing opportunity.

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This smart selfie drone comes with built-in GPS module which is especially important for a smooth flight experience. The GPS module helps keep the drone stable and responsive by communicating with the satellites. Which in exchange the satellites provides the drone precise hovering position. Not only beginners and recreational remote pilots will enjoy how easy it is to fly this drone. It also introduces multiple beginner-friendly features as well intelligent flight modes.

In case you are wondering what the heck is intelligent flight modes. It is an unique type of feature that is typically available to drones that has GPS module installed. Generally, you can perform a set of intelligent flight mode such as Waypoint, Orbit and Follow me. The drone itself is smart enough to perform these modes on their own without the need of a second, independent camera operator to do the job. Because of this, it makes solo journey entirely possible thanks to intelligent flight modes.

I would say that Contixo F22 GPS drone is actually quite a nice foldable quadcopter for beginners and kids. Its performance is actually straightforward and easy enough to understand. In addition to that, there are features such as automatic landing / takeoff and such that makes the entire flight operation a breeze. If you want a smart drone that can do all of these jobs without having to worry too much about controlling. Then you are going to want to buy a Contixo F22 drone. I included a video of Contixo F22 drone review for you to see it in action.

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As I mentioned about the features briefly in the performance section. I am going to expand more on what features the Contixo F22 GPS drone brings to the table. First and foremost, we all know that this is a GPS capable quadcopter that can do intelligent flight mode. But I am going to talk about flight safety feature first. It is important to know that this smart foldable drone can do smart automatic return to home function. Which means it can fly back to its landing point automatically.

Additionally, it comes with automatic landing and takeoff function with a mere of button. Because flying the drone safely is a top prior, beginners will need to perform unlock function to calibrate the connection between the drone and transmitter. Once the connection has been established, you can start flying the drone. Easy as peas, right? And if that is not enough features for you, read more to find out.

Contixo F22 Drone Review

The Contixo F22 drone incorporates a number of safety features as well fun flight modes. It has low power alarm which vibrates your remote controller that lets you know the battery is low. As well out of range warning. For the fun part, there are a number of set you can do such as doing intelligent flight modes and customizing your own flight paths. This gives you an amazing opportunity to create your own videos and stills from the skies.

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Remote Controller

If you are a gamer like me who enjoys playing strategy, first person shooter, role-playing games on consoles like PlayStation 4. Then this should come across to you completely natural. On my first impression, the remote controller is very different compared to other drones like the Ophelia, Spark drone, and Mirage Pro D50. For some beginners, it does look a bit too… futuristic. But fear not, it is actually a good thank and the remote controller isn’t any bigger than you think. In fact, it is around the same size as a iPhone 7 Plus.

Honestly, I liked this design. It is different and it breaks the stereotype of same remote controller design. It comes with a foldable mount holder that you can insert your smartphone (sorry, no tablets allowed). In the middle, it comes with signals that informs you of the drone and transmitter status. On the right side is the movement lever which lets you command the drone. As well features like automatic landing / takeoff.

Contixo F22 GPS Drone Remote Controller

On the left side of the remote controller is the lever for altitude and rotation. A couple of features includes smart return to home. Furthermore, there are a couple of buttons on the shoulders, which you can’t see on the shown pictures. But they are photo and video capture buttons. The speed mode can be adjusted on the top left part of the remote controller. Behind the smartphone is dual antennas that establishes communication with the drone up to 300 meters away. Overall, I think the design style of Contixo F22 remote controller is badass and unique.

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Bottom Line

Before I conclude the Contixo F22 drone review. I think this is a very good quality camera drone packed with features and its portability makes it easy for beginners. The quality of camera is beyond excellent thanks to high quality 1080P HD. It can be adjusted easily remotely through the transmitter up to 90-degree. Which makes it an optimal choice for capturing special moment from the skies. Even more so, you can share your videos and stills via your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more with a push of button.

I want to emphasizes that the Contixo F22 GPS drone is a quality drone. It isn’t like other drones because it is built and crafted with durable material that is guarantee to have a long service life. Bonus point, the package comes with a travel case so that you can travel anywhere you want to. There is no need to purchase a travel case separately. Not to forget to mention that it also includes a bonus battery. At this price value, it is almost too good to be true. But it is true and the Contixo F22 drone is a winner. You can check its price here.

8.7 Total Score
Editor's Review

We think the Contixo F22 GPS drone is a quality foldable quadcopter crafted for beginners, kids and recreational remote pilots. With unique design layout and futuristic remote controller. It is certainly bounded to get some attention. Not only it makes you look cooler, the quality of camera does a good job at delivering stills and videos clearly. Even more so, its built-in GPS module makes it easy for first time flyers to learn how to fly a drone. Overall, we recommend the Contixo F22 GPS drone for all skill levels.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Built-in GPS module that provides precise hovering positioning.
  • Bonus battery included, gives you a total flight time of 28 minutes.
  • Travel case included for safe and protected trips.
  • Good remote control distance.
  • Stylish remote controller that gives a cool factor.
  • Portability that makes it easy for travelers to bring with them.
  • High quality camera that delivers great images and videos.
  • No built-in gimbal camera systems, expect some vibration.
  • Limited camera options.
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