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CoFight IN 1802 Drone

CoFight IN 1802 Drone

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One of the most popular alternative to the famed DJI Tello quadcopter (See Price) is the CoFight IN 1802 drone. I recently got this sliver-colored quadcopter last week after I found about it on AliExpress. With the number of drones becoming more and more modern, I decided it is important to provide an in-depth review for the CoFight IN 1802 drone. Just to go and show you the real capabilities that this quadcopter has to deliver for beginners and first time.

While there are many different brands being labeled on the 1802 IN drone. The official brand name of this quadcopter is CoFight as shown on the package box. If you take a closer look, you would see the brand name on the top of the drone that indicates it is manufactured by CoFight.

As I have been unable to find their website yet, I suspect they are very new and is still building up to establish as the next modern drone manufacturer or under a different name. Either way, the CoFight IN 1802 drone have landed some real good impressions for me and I am going to tell you why this toy quadcopter is worth the buck as an alternative choice to the $100 DJI Tello drone.


The CoFight IN 1802 drone have taken a quite different design approach on terms of its internal components. When I first unbox the drone, I was a little uneasy as why the wires are showing underneath the drone. My first thought was what if I accidentally crash it into the tree. Then the tree branches somehow got a hold of it and the drone get stuck. But, believe me, I have crashed it into the tree four times and it didn’t get stuck at all.

Furthermore, it didn’t sustained any damage. There was no cracks on the body or motor arms at all. Aside from few scratches on the propellers, but it wasn’t that bad. As long as the propellers are straight enough, it will have no problem lifting the drone.

The battery can be easily inserted and removed with your fingers. Although, as you know, a 1000mAh LiPo battery is quite heavy. But it does pack a punch that gives it an impressive flight time of 12 minutes. It follows a similar design to HS150 Bolt Bee by focusing on making it aerodynamically as much as possible.

Cofight 1802 Drone Camera

In the front of the CoFight IN 1802 drone is a 720p HD camera. It is fully adjustable. However, you can only adjust it manually. It can be adjusted upward or downward in a 90-degree angle. So if you want to have a straight down aerial shot, it is possible to do so. Moreover, the built-in camera is a great way for beginners to practice how to capture stills and videos before moving on to a more expensive drones.

Lastly, there is not much of LED lights. There are only two in the front that resembles an “humanized” appearance. It serves the role to assist with visual positioning during night operations.


On most of the official product pages, they do not say that much about the performance features that CoFight IN 1802 drone brings to the table. So, I am going to tell you it has performance-wise. This quadcopter comes with a three-speed modes. On the lowest speed setting, it gives a rope for beginners to learn the controls and other basic features such as 360-degree flips. Once you feel comfortable, you can crank up the speed mode.

In terms of performance, I am thoroughly impressed with how it flies. The controls isn’t that hard to take hold of.  However, the flight speed of CoFight IN 1802 drone appears to be competing with HS150 Bolt Bee and perhaps slightly faster as it responses to the controls quite fast.

Cofight IN 1802 Drone Showcase

Along with set of features such as Headless Mode, Altitude Hold and Trimmings. This is about one of the most modern drone you will find available on the consumer market. The controls are very straightforward and easy to understand. However, there are way more features that can be unlocked using an app designed for the IN 1802 drone.

With the app, you get additional features like Waypoint Mode, Follow me Mode and several more, countless to be named. Quite frankly, I thought the features and performance packed in a miniature quadcopter that has a chrome design is actually valuable at its price range.  It felt like it is professional made for beginners with high-grade quality.

Accessories & Remote Controller

In this part of the IN 1802 drone review, I will show you the accessories that came with the box. I really liked how the box is small enough and packed all of the parts together nicely. In fact, it does make a good carry case. As you can see the parts that are included below.

Cofight IN 1802 Drone Accessories and Parts

The USB charger comes with a circular plug which is for the battery. To be honest, I did struggled a bit where to find the plug-in for the battery because it was designed completely different. But once I figured it out, I was very impressed with it. The charger charged the battery very well without any loose ends.

Speaking of the remote controller, it certainly follows a similar style to DJI Mavic Pro (See Price).  It even have a foldable mount holder that fits your smartphone. For your record, I can insert my iPhone 7 Plus (See Price) with phone case on it just fine. So, if you have a large smartphone, the remote controller won’t have an issue holding it.

Cofight IN 1802 Drone Remote Controller

I liked how it came with inscription on it. This makes learning how to fly a drone process way much easier as it tells you exactly what each button does! However, that is not all about it. In fact, there are additional buttons on its shoulder typically used by advanced pilots.

Cofight IN 1802 Drone Remote Controller Showcase

The buttons on its shoulder features headless mode, altitude hold, speed mode and 360-degree flips. They all performs exceptionally well. But with a warning, performing a 360-degree flip will put you on the highest speed setting. I don’t know why it does that but it certainly has to do for a performance reason. Not a serious issue though.

Final Verdict of CoFight IN 1802 Drone

If you are looking for a modern drone that is capable of withstanding crashes and is equipped with a camera. Then look no further because the IN 1802 drone is just about the most modern quadcopter you will find on the market. With an impressive battery flight, good quality camera and packed with features at incredibly low price. It puts most of high-priced drones like HS160 Shadow (See Price) and Eachine E58 (See Price) to shame.

CoFight IN 1802 Drone Beautiful

As I mentioned previously in the review, the IN 1802 drone (See Price) flies just about fast as HS150 Bolt Bee (See Price). The only difference is that this drone is much hulkier, longer flight time and has slightly higher price tag. But all in fairness, it comes with juicy features that beginners and experienced RC fans will enjoy for a long time. This is a drone crafted with incredible quality that offers you a real glimpse of flying a powerful miniature quadcopter at low cost. If you bought or own the IN 1802 drone, let us know how you liked it.

8.8 Total Score

The IN 1802 Drone is a clone of the popular DJI Tello quadcopter. However, the IN 1802 Drone is made with professional quality which gives it a chrome appearance. It is also packed with bunch of features which makes it overall a hot contender for beginners.

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