Canada Drone Laws

Canada Drone Laws

An aerial view of Banff National Park in Canada

General Canada Drone Laws:

The Canada drone laws permit the use of drones. Their drone regulations are slightly different than the United States drone laws, although they are much stricter. The drone operators that resides in Canada territory must ensure that they are following the drone laws when flying in the country:

  • Maintain at least 75 meters away from people, buildings and vehicles that are not part of the flight operation.
  • Do not fly more than 500 meters or past the line of sight, whichever is sooner.
  • Keep your drone at an altitude of 90 meters or below.
  • You can only fly your drone during the daylight time and when the weather conditions are good.
  • Do not fly your drone within 9km of any wildfires.
  • Do not fly your drone over large crowds.
  • Your drone must have an information card attached on it containing your name, address and contact information.
  • Do not fly your drone in sensitive areas like government or military facilities.
  • Do not fly your drone in restricted area.
  • Respect others privacy when operating your drone.
  • Maintain at least 9km away from airports.
  • Maintain at least 1.8km from any heliports.
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Letter of Authorization in Canada

Drone Permit: Recreational

Drone permit for recreational use is not required within this country. Please apply here to adhere for commercial permit.

Drone Permit: Commercial

Drone Permit Approved

Drone permit for commercial use is allowed within this country. To start applying for commercial permit, please apply here.

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Bringing Your Drone in Airplane Guide

For detailed guide on how to take the drone with you on the airplane, please read our 15 travel tips article. All the drones and accessories needs to be brought as carry-on if possible. According to the Montreal Convention, the airlines are only responsible for loss up to $1,000 U.S dollars. When you are traveling internationally, it is common for theft and lost luggage to become an issue. Especially when your flight route have multiple connections. If your drone and accessories is worth more than $1,000 U.S dollars combined and the airlines don’t allow you to bring with you on the plane. We strongly encourage you to ship your drone using Fedex, UPS or DHL and insure it fully.

Secondly, never ever put your drone batteries in your checked luggage. Instead, all of the drone batteries should be placed in a Medium Size Lipo Battery bag as a carry-on. Because Li-Po batteries is considered as “dangerous goods” by airlines and the regulations surrounding this is extremely strict due to multiple past incidents of these batteries catching on fire. Failure to properly secure the batteries will result in being seized, fined or being denied boarding.

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Buying Drone in Canada Guide

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Drone Travel Guide Articles

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Contact Information for Questions

Last Updated - September 17th 2018The Canada drone laws was last updated according to the date. If you are not sure or need additional clarification on the current Canada drone laws. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
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