The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Pilots: Best Drones of 2019

Welcome to Aerofly Drones’ ultimate buyer’s guide for drone pilots: best drones of 2019. It has been a great year and we have seen a lot of new drones that spurred innovative technology. Ever since the drones were first introduced for consumers, the drones have evolved rapidly into smart, autonomous, and packed with a lot of features. We also witnessed brand new Mavic 2 that introduced new ways for the drone service companies to expand their businesses.

In our Best Drones of 2019 buyer’s guide, you will find all the popular and best-selling drones that were introduced for the year 2019. We also have a buyer’s guide for the best drones of 2019 that you can keep track of releases. Whether you are a beginner or experienced drone pilots, you will find all variety of quadcopters on the list. You might be even surprised to learn that there are amazing drones that you have never heard of.

That being said, we do encourage you to check these best drones of 2019 out. There are several things that you should know about the list first before:

  • A yellow dot () denotes that the drone features foldable motor arms. This design feature improves the drone’s portability for easy to travel and reduces weight.
  • A green dot () denotes a dual GPS / GLONASS positioning system, which enhances the drone’s stability, flight controls, responsiveness, and control distance.
  • A blue dot () denotes that the drone only can use action cameras such as GoPro HERO 5 / HERO 6 / HERO 7 along with generic brands.

To help you get the best experience out of this page you should:

  1. Keep it in your mind that expensive drones usually comes with better specifications and performs better compared to toy-grade drones.
  2. If you own one of the drones that are crafted in 2019 and isn’t in the list, we recommend you to try it out before buying something new.
  3. Leave a comment in the comment section below the list that you are flying a drone made in 2019 and isn’t on the list.

Below, you will find the list of the best drones of 2019. You will be able to see the specifications of each drone individually so that you can choose the best drones for yourself.

Best Drones of 2019

DroneTypeDimension (mm)WeightFlight TimeControl DistanceCameraImage QualityBitrate
Altair Aerial Outlaw B2WQuadcopterN/AN/A17 Minutes1,000 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Autel Robotics EVOQuadcopter338 (Diagonal)863g30 Minutes7,000 MetersYes12 MP100 Mbps
Contixo F20Quadcopter350×350×95397g20 Minutes600 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Contixo F22Quadcopter254×193×6624215 Minutes550 MetersYes5 MPN/A
DJI Mavic 2 ProQuadcopter322×242×84905g31 Minutes8,000 MetersYes20 MP100 Mbps
DJI Mavic 2 ZoomQuadcopter322×242×84907g31 Minutes8,000 MetersYes12 MP100 Mbps
DJI Phantom 4 ProQuadcopter350×350×3501,388g30 Minutes7,000 MetersYes20 MP100 Mbps
Force1 Scoot Flying BallQuadcopterN/A68g8 Minutes50 MetersNoN/AN/A
Force1 F200C SpecterQuadcopterN/AN/A15 Minutes300 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Hubsan H117S ZinoQuadcopter304.6 ×252.4×90700g23 Minutes2500 MetersYes12 MP100 Mbps
Holy Stone HS150 Bolt BeeQuadcopter145×108×4569g6 Minutes70 MetersNoN/AN/A
Holy Stone HS210 RogueQuadcopter80×80×3054.5g7 Minutes50 MetersNoN/AN/A
Holy Stone HS110D RC QuadcopterQuadcopter320×320×120145g10 Minutes60 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Holy Stone HS160 Shadow (Black)Quadcopter180×180×3083g8 Minutes70 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Holy Stone HS160 Shadow (Red)Quadcopter180×180×3083g8 Minutes70 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Holy Stone HS220 Southern CrossQuadcopter195×195×4081g8 Minutes60 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia (Black)Quadcopter220×220×155608g20 Minutes1,000 MetersOptionalN/AN/A
Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia (White)Quadcopter220×220×155608g20 Minutes1,000 MetersOptionalN/AN/A
JJRC H68 BellwetherQuadcopter325×325×110152g20 Minutes100 MetersYes2 MPN/A
JJRC JJPRO X5Quadcopter350×350×95300g18 Minutes600 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Lefant Zeraxa PROQuadcopterN/AN/A8 Minutes60 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Lefant X-DetectorQuadcopter271×271×69N/A15 Minutes200 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Parrot AnafiQuadcopter175×239×63.5320g25 Minutes4,000 MetersYes21 MP100 Mbps
Parrot Bebop 2Quadcopter381x327x99500g25 Minutes300 MetersYes14 MP30 Mbps
Parrot MamboQuadcopter160×60×7863g9 Minutes100 MetersOptionalN/AN/A
Potensic D60 DroneQuadcopter300×270×120403g20 Minutes500 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Potensic D80 DroneQuadcopterN/A680g20 Minutes800 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Potensic Mirage Pro D50QuadcopterN/A181g15 Minutes300 MetersYes5 MPN/A
Potensic T25 GPS DroneQuadcopter261x137x414N/A10 Minutes300 MetersYes5 MPN/A
ScharkSpark Thunder FQ35QuadcopterN/A176g10 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
ScharkSpark Guard FQ36QuadcopterN/A141g10 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
ScharkSpark SS40 WaspQuadcopterN/A104g12 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
ScharkSpark Warrior II FQ32Quadcopter211×211×4379g10 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
SIMREX X300CQuadcopterN/AN/A10 Minutes45 MetersYes2 MPN/A
SIMREX X600QuadcopterN/AN/A10 Minutes100 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Snaptain A15QuadcopterN/AN/A8 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
Snaptain S5CQuadcopterN/AN/A10 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MPN/A
TechRC TR003F HornetQuadcopter160×160×50N/A6 Minutes80 MetersYes2 MP30 Mbps
TechRC TR005 RedbackHexacopter120×120×71N/A6 Minutes40 MetersYes2 MP30 Mbps
TechRC TR006 Nano OwlsQuadcopter66×66×2969g5 Minutes30 MetersYes2 MP30 Mbps
Xiaomi FIMI A3Quadcopter285×229×69560g25 Minutes1,000 MetersYesN/AN/A
Xiaomi MITU DroneQuadcopter91×91×3888g10 Minutes100 MetersYesN/AN/A
Yuncee Mantis QQuadcopter168×97×56454g33 Minutes1500 MetersYes12 MP100 Mbps

Note: Some of the popular drones, especially the DJI drones requires smartphones/tablets that are capable of running DJI Go 3 / 4. For more information about the best smartphones and tablets to use that app with the DJI drones, please visit this guide.

Note: If you are planning to fly one of these DJI drones, we highly recommend that you buy a mount holder for your phone and tablet. That mount holder can support any mobile devices up to 10.5 inches and gives you plenty of room to upgrade if you need additional support for tablets.

Drones Flying Tips & Guides

Best Drones of 2018 Flying Tips & Guides

If you are new to drones and have no idea where to start. My advice to you is to try flying an inexpensive drone first. That way you can learn the basics of flight controls and get hold of these features that the drone has to offer for you. As a general rule of thumb, you should start with a cheap toy-grade drone first then climb your way up the ladder to expensive drones such as Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic 2.

Below, you will find friendly guides that will help you become a better remote pilot. Whether it is that you need help on how to create beautiful aerial shots, maintaining your drone gears setup and such… Feel free to check them out and drop a comment if you have any questions regarding tips on flying your drones:

We hope you found our guide on the best drones of 2019 helpful and insightful. Again, if you do have any questions regarding these drones or just want to start a drone-related conversation. Comment in the comments section below, we are looking forward to chatting with you. 🙂

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