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Altair AA200 AHP Drone: Best Autonomous Drone for Beginners?

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Altair AA200 AHP Drone: Best Autonomous Drone for Beginners?
Altair AA200 AHP Drone: Best Autonomous Drone for Beginners?
$129.80 $149.80

Altair Aerial recently released a brand new drone outfitted with protective propeller guards and a built-in 720P HD camera. The AA200 AHP drone is one of the latest quadcopters that utilizes advanced aerial capabilities that enables it to perform functions autonomously. This gives beginners and first-time users a large advantage, especially when it comes to flying the drone. If you are looking for a quality camera drone to start with. Stick with us to find out more information about the Altair AA200 AHP drone.

Before we start covering the basics about this autonomous drone for beginners. I want to briefly explain what Altair Aerial is all about. That drone manufacturer is based in the United States and they are well known for their popular Outlaw SE drone and of course, The Blackhawk. They have been selling drones for a while and gained a reputation for their high-quality quadcopters. So it is not a surprise that they recently launched this upcoming popular drone: AA200 AHP drone for beginners.

Altair AA200 AHP Drone Specifications:

To kickstart our article about the Altair AA200 AHP drone, we are going to talk about the specifications of this brand new drone. If having a great drone that performs exceptionally is important to you. In other words, you want a drone that can fly around for a long time and has a good remote control distance. You don’t have to worry about it because the Altair AA200 AHP comes with a bonus battery. Plus, each battery provides up to 10 minutes of flight time. In total, the drone can fly for up to 20 minutes.

Altair AA200 AHP Drone Specs

Additionally, it has a maximum remote control distance that enables the AA200 AHP drone to fly up to 100 meters. The quality of the camera that this drone comes with isn’t that stellar or bad. But if you are new to drones, then the Altair AA200 AHP drone is a good pick. Because it will cover the basics of learning how to fly a drone as well as capturing aerial shots. This will allow you to hone your piloting and photography skills before you plan to shop for one of these professional-grade camera drones.

  • Maximum Flight Time: 20 Minutes
  • Maximum Remote Control Distance: 100 Meters
  • 720P HD Camera
  • Wi-Fi Transmission Signal
  • Modularized Battery for Power Consumption Efficiency
  • Integrated Autonomous Hover Positioning for Smooth Flight Experience
  • Optimal Flow System
  • Built-in Propeller Guards

Altair AA200 AHP Drone Features:

The Altair AA200 AHP drone has several advantages up its sleeves. This drone is outfitted with several awesome and beginner-friendly features that fulfill the role of a much entertaining and engaging flight performance compared to these drones under $100. Like we mentioned previously that the drone is equipped with an optimal flow system. Which means it automatically detects changes in the air pressure.

Altair AA200 AHP Drone Features

Once the change has been detected, the drone adjusts itself to maintain height level so that it appears like you are flying the drone at a smooth and steady height level regardless of the landscape. What makes the AA200 AHP drone much more fun is how easy it is to fly the quadcopter. This drone has built-in headless mode and speed mode that plays a pivotal role in mastering the basics of flight controls. By default, the drone will be at the slowest speed setting. As you practice flying, you will naturally develop an exceptional pilot skill that you can apply on these best drones under $500 and high-end models.

  • Headless Mode
  • Altitude Hold Function
  • 360-Flip Rolls
  • Rotation Mode
  • Out of Range Alarm
  • Low Power Alarm
  • Return to Home
  • Speed Mode

Flight Performance & Capabilities:

In the next part about the brand new Altair AA200 AHP drone, we are going to talk about its flight performance and capabilities. You would be surprised to find out how incredibly powerful this compact and mini-sized drone is. Beginners and first-time users also will appreciate the fact that this quadcopter has built-in propeller guards. This is important because it protects the propellers by absorbing the shock to help maintain stability and precise flight controls.

In addition to that, the modularized battery helps deliver power more efficiently. This results in a stronger propulsion force for better flight performance that allows you to fly the drone both indoor and outdoor. As you can see the video below fully explains the ins and outs of the Altair AA200 AHP drone. We think this is one of the best drones at entry-level for any beginners and recreational remote pilots who want a simple quadcopter that is easy to fly.

Final Conclusion of Altair AA200 AHP Drone:

To conclude our guide about this recently launched drone by Altair Aerial. We want to recap what we talked about and share with you what to expect inside the package. The Altair AA200 AHP drone is one of the advanced quadcopters that is built on autonomous flight functions. This means beginners don’t have to maintain critical flight functions such as altitude and hovering positioning. That function is designed to make flying much easier that benefits beginners and first-time users in a huge way.

Plus, the drone is packed with awesome features that make it entertaining to watch it flying around. As I mentioned previously about what to expect inside the package. I have included an image of what you should get upon opening the package. Inside the box, you should get a drone, remote controller, a set of propellers, a USB charger, a screwdriver, two batteries, a pack of screws and of course a user manual (not included in the image).

Altair AA200 AHP Drone Parts

If you were to ask me whether you should buy this drone or other models. I think if that depends on your preferences, you should give this quadcopter ago. However, the GPS drones are much more popular because they introduce smart functions such as Follow Me and Orbit Mode that makes it easier to produce high-quality aerial footage, Eachine E511S for instance. The takeaway is that GPS drones are slightly more pricey compared to AA200 AHP drones. Overall, we think this drone is professionally crafted and provides great performance that goes easy on beginners. You can get your own Altair AA200 AHP drone here.

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